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Rent a Boat Without a license: What should I know before

Rent a boat without a license can be a unique, exciting and very rewarding experience for your next vacation on the Costa del Sol. What you should know is that renting a boat without a license also requires careful consideration and, above all, good planning. We are going to explain some important aspects that you should take into account before renting a boat without a license with BABORBOAT RENT A BOAT:


1. Type of license-free boat: Our extensive fleet of license-free boats means that clients have a variety of boats available for rent, all of them new or semi-new, with all safety measures on board and inspections done up to date. Choose on our website which boat without a license you like best and which one best suits your needs and preferences, considering the size of the group and the budget you want to spend depending on the hours you want to rent your boat without a license.


2. Experience and skills: To rent any of our boats without a license you do not need any previous experience nor do you need any skills to handle it safely. Our team of people is in charge of teaching you how to handle the boat without a license that you want to rent on the sea. We will also explain all the safety measures on board the boat and the basic principles of navigation. If you are not familiar with navigation, there is no problem. In a short time we will teach you the necessary tips to handle the boat without a license in complete safety.


3. Licenses and permits: Our entire fleet of unlicensed boats do not need any type of license or navigation permit to operate them and enjoy sailing. It is only important to be of legal age and be in normal physical condition. We will explain where you can go with the boat, how many miles further you can sail and where you can anchor safely.

4. Insurance: Our unlicensed boats have civil liability insurance, in the event that there is any liability on our part with another boat where we are to blame, our RC INSURANCE will take care of the damages of the opposite party.


5. Boat inspection: Boats without a license must pass an ITB technical boat inspection, which we have in all of them with the corresponding navigation permit. Before each departure our team checks the condition of the engine, safety equipment, electronics and other facilities that each boat may have.


6. Rental contract: On each departure it is mandatory to make a boat rental contract without a license that you must read carefully before signing and make sure you understand all the terms and conditions, including the deposit as a deposit, the responsibilities of the lessor and of the tenant, and the cancellation policies. You can read the latter on our website BABORBOAT.COM BOAT RENTAL WITHOUT LICENSE.


7. Additional costs: Additional costs in BABORBOAT can be, for example, gasoline. Gasoline will be paid separately according to consumption. As they are boats without a license, consumption is minimal and can be between €5/€10 per hour of navigation. Regarding other costs such as boat insurance without a license, mooring fees, final cleaning, it is included in the rental.


8. Itinerary and planning: Before renting a boat without a license, you can prepare your itinerary in advance, considering the duration of the boat rental without a license, the planned stops you want to make, where to anchor to have a drink, or the activities to do. carry out. Before renting it is always good to look at the reports and the expected weather conditions for that day. At BABORBOAT do not worry about changing the day of the reservation, we maintain flexibility in case of unexpected changes.


9. Weather conditions: before renting a boat without a license we must pay attention to the weather conditions before and during the duration of the rental. We must always navigate in coastal waters beyond the limits of bathers. We should also not sail with bad weather forecasts and be aware of storm warnings or local warnings.


10. Safety equipment: At BABORBOAT our main objective is the safety of all our clients. We always ensure that the boat is equipped with all the safety measures required by current regulations, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers if necessary, flares and tracking devices such as GPS on each license-free boat.


11. Communication: It is important to always have a telephone on board for communications in case of emergency. Maintain contact with the ship's owners without a license. It can make navigation much easier for you.


12. Provisions and supplies: Stock the boat without a license with sufficient food and drink provisions taking into account the sailing hours you have contracted. Gasoline is our responsibility, we will give you a full tank so that your boat trip is satisfactory and a unique experience.


13. Medical emergencies: We will explain the steps to follow regarding the procedure in case of a medical emergency. It is important to always have a mobile phone on board in case of emergency, so that you can always contact the BABORBOAT RENT A BOAT owner.


14. Respect for the environment: Navigation must always be responsible and with respectful behavior towards marine fauna, thus avoiding throwing garbage into the sea, respecting wildlife and following the best sustainable navigation practices.


If you take these aspects into account before renting a boat without a license, you will be better prepared to enjoy an unforgettable experience on your next vacation on the Costa del Sol. Dive in with BABORBOAT RENT A BOAT and make your online reservation now.


What happens if I make a reservation and the weather conditions are not suitable?

Do not worry, for Baborboat the most important thing is to protect the safety of our clients above all else, in the event that the conditions for renting the boat are not adequate, we will refund the reservation amount provided or you can change the chosen date of the boat rental.

How can I book a boat rental?

To formalize a reservation, it can be done through the file of each boat using the web form with your data and chosen date.  Baborboat will confirm the availability of the boat.  You can also make the boat reservation by calling +34 658 488 637, we also serve WhatsApp.

How and when should I make the payment?

The reservation is made immediately once the availability of the boat is confirmed and provided your personal data. The payment is 30% of the total rental price.  The rest will be paid the day before the rental, or in cash upon receipt of the boat.  We accept payments in cash or by bank transfer.

What does a boat rental include?

It has a fridge to store ice (on request), extra bimini awning, solarium and radio with bluetooth connection. In addition, the boat has contracted compulsory and accident insurance, an insurance policy SOVI (compulsory traveler insurance)

What extras can I hire?

You can contract with us all kinds of extras, sport fishing rods, snorkeling equipment or assorted fruit service. As well as reservations in restaurants, transportation, other nautical activities.

Do I have to have a nautical license to rent a boat at Baborboat?

No. You can rent our boats without the need for a license. We will give you the basic training necessary to govern this type of boat

What state of maintenance are our boats in?

You can navigate with complete peace of mind. At Baborboat we care a lot about customer satisfaction, that's why every day we keep our boats clean at each departure and in total safety.

What is the cancellation policy?

GENERAL CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: If the cancellation is made by the client: * If the client decides to cancel the boat trip AT ANY TIME, he or she will receive 100% of the amount delivered for the reservation to the client. CANCELLATION WILL BE COMPLETELY FREE *Cancellation by BABORBOAT SL: The BABORBOAT SL company reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event that weather conditions do not allow safe navigation for clients. In this case, the rental service will be postponed to another day that the client chooses and the boat is available. In the event that the client or tourist, if applicable, cannot change the day because their vacation ends and returns to their country, the total amount of the reservation delivered will be refunded.

Is it easy and secure to make the reservation payment online?

Of course. Our online payment platform is "STRIPE", one of the safest platforms in the world to make your payments online. We do not store your bank details, nor your credit card number, it is completely safe to pay through with STRIPE.

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